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5 Tips for Home Sellers with Pets

5 Tips for Home Sellers with Pets

Home sellers with pets do have some challenges when readying their home for the open market and preparing for showings!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there are over 48 million households with dogs and almost 32 million households with cats in the United States. WE LOVE OUR FURRY FAMILY MEMBERS, as we are sure you do, too!

However, when selling your home, it can produce some challenges. It’s important for buyers first impressions of your home to be awesome. If they step in doodie on the way to the front door, or get a big whiff of little box upon entering, well, you know…

So, here is our list of 5 tips for selling your home when you have pets.

#1 – Remove the Evidence

Staging your home for sale includes knowing what to do with the pet paraphernalia like:

  • Petsfood dishes
  • pet toys
  • water bowls
  • litter boxes
  • cat towers
  • pet beds
  • pet crates

These items can be stashed away during your professional photo session and showings as well! They are easy to get back out and if put away, won’t bring attention to the fact a pet(s) lives here!

#2 – Repair any Pet Damage to Your Home

Putting your best foot forward to get buyers interested in your home includes making repairs – from pets and otherwise!

Things like scratched doors or door frames, chewed baseboards or furniture legs and torn blanket throws or curtains are all pet owner tip-offs. These should be remedied before photos and showings.

Replace the curtains. Use oil/polish (like Old English, coconut oil or something similar) to wipe out scratch marks on floors. Sand and re-stain or paint furniture legs. Use wood putty or filler to repair scratch marks on doors and frames and repaint. This will give a fresh, clean look and not betray you have a furry family member.

#3 – Clean and Deodorize

Pet owners know the ongoing battle with pet hair! Deep clean baseboards, heating vents, cold air returns and even light fixtures prior to photos and going on the open market. It’s also a good idea to replace your furnace filter now, too!

Then, continue to vacuum a couple of times a day to keep things looking great until you accept an offer!

While cleaning, don’t forget to deodorize. We get used to the smells of our pets but when someone new comes into our home, they are likely to notice.

You can deodorize a few different ways, depending on your budget. Try deodorizing or enzyme spray for fabrics, rugs and upholstery with pet deodorizer or use something like Fabreeze. You could use an ozone machine for 24 to 48 hours or go the extra mile and get the furniture professionally cleaned (carpet cleaning companies do this, usually.)

Just don’t use cheap, perfume-y sprays or candles. Some people are allergic to strong smells or figure you are trying to cover something up!

#4 – Don’t forget the Yard!

Remember, stepping in doodie or even just seeing lots of piles in the yard is definitely a turn off to buyers.

They want to envision children playing in the yard or hosting outdoor barbeques with friends and family.

Again, pick up and stash any pet related yard toys or constraints. Fill the hole(s) where puppy likes to bury his bone and add mulch.

In today’s day and age, outdoor space is very important to buyers. Sprucing it up helps your curb appeal!

#5 – Managing Pets for Showings

Trying to find a home to buy can be just as stressful for buyers and trying to sell a home can be to sellers. The sights and sounds of pets during a showing can add to the stress.

If your dog is barking from his timeout in his crate or the cat is hissing at the intruders of her sanctuary, it hard on everyone!

The best scenario is to take your pet with you when you have showings. You could go to the dog park, on a long walk or visit a pet loving friend for a bit. This helps both the buyer and your pet enjoy the showing time and not be stressed out!

If that’s not possible and your pet must remain at home, make sure your REALTOR let’s other agents know what pets will be there and where. That way it won’t be a surprise to anyone is Fifi jumps on a bed or buyers hear a crated dog barking in the garage.

Just make sure everyone knows what to expect if your beloved pets need to stay home during showings.

Home Sellers with Pets

We love our pets and can’t imagine life without them!

Home sellers with pets don’t have to be stressed out. Prepare ahead of time so your home makes a great first impression with buyers. Then have a pet plan for showings and open houses.

When people know what to expect, things go smoother.

Say hi and give your pet a hug from The Real Estate Pros!!!