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Home Staging can Help Sell Your Home

Home Staging can Help Sell Your Home

Even in a Seller’s Market!

Home staging can help sell your home, even in a Seller’s Market. The big thing for buyers is that the condition of the home match the asking price. Again, Home Staging can help!

Sellers usually make the decision to sell, tackle small repairs they have put off and then clean like the dickens. However, they don’t always give consideration to home staging.

Some think it is only for high end homes. Think again. Home staging can help sell your home no matter what the price point!

Home Buying is an Emotional Process

If asked, a lot of buyers will tell you they fell in love with their current home like love at first sight! “It just felt like home” is a response we hear a lot from buyers. Your home needs to look and feel less like your home and more like a lifestyle choice to buyers.  Let’s expand on this:

Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in a home — living, growing and making memories. When a home is filled with your photos, your collections and your memorabilia, it’s much harder for them to look past the “stuff” at the home itself.

The first step in Home Staging is to help you declutter and depersonalize. However, it goes much deeper when done correctly.

When you decide to sell your home to move along to the next step in your life, your home is now a commodity. It’s the product and making it as attractive as possible will help it appeal to the largest number of buyers out there.

Step back and imagine being a buyer — put yourself in their shoes. Staging it can make them feel welcome and like they are coming home. And, why not? You are ready for your next adventure. The home is no longer yours, emotionally, you have moved on in your head. Help the buyer imagine the home as their next adventure and it is almost sold!

Emotions can dictate buying decisions. You want them working in your favor!

Increase Your Home’s Value

Studies show that staged homes can increase the dollar value buyers are willing to offer anywhere from 1% to 5% and one survey stated that staged homes sell for 6% above asking price. That should make you sit up and take notice!

You don’t want to leave money on the table. If a bit of home staging can make a difference, why wouldn’t you?

We recently had a listing that needed some help. One of our Listing Specialists made suggestions for decluttering, paint, aesthetic upgrades to the seller – at little cost. They took a couple of weeks to complete the list. Then, using what the seller already owned, she helped with ideas for furniture placement, traffic patterns, neutral decor, etc.

After it was complete, we ended up listing the home for $7,000 more than originally planned. Got a full price offer in 2 days. WOW!

Would you be willing to sink a little money in paint and miscellaneous items and some elbow grease for $7,000? Seems like a no-brainer!

Home Staging vs Low Ball Offers

Staging your home means everything is looking wonderful and it’s in great shape. When your home’s condition matches market value,  you’re going to get better offers – maybe even over asking price!

Real estate professionals agree that buyers are affected by staged homes. It can influence them a lot when they go to make an offer. You’ve shown them the potential with the staging and now they are ready to put the money on the table. They don’t want to lose your home in this historically tight inventory market so the likelihood of a higher offer is real!

Only 34% of Agents Stage Homes

It’s hard to believe with all the data and hard facts about home staging that all agents aren’t doing it. However, it’s the reality.

The Real Estate Pros of Keller Williams have a certified stager and our agents are educated and knowledgeable in home staging. With us, you’ll get honesty and a guide to help you achieve the goal – Selling your home!

We want your home to sell quick and for top dollar, just like you. We’ll use our experience to help make this happen – you just need to take that first step and call 317-572-5589