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Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home!

Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home


If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s a great idea to first find a real estate agent. But before you hire them (and before they sign on as your representative), you’ll want to ask them some key questions about their experience, reputation and sales plan for your property. Here are some helpful questions to ask your potential real estate agent prior to signing with them: 


What are your credentials? 


Before you hire a real estate agent, it’s important to know what their credentials are. You want an agent who is certified and has the proper support to make your listing a success from start to finish. Here are some questions you should ask:


  • Are they licensed?


  • How long have they been in business?


  • What kind of special certifications do they have (e.g., as a certified buyer’s representative or pre-foreclosure specialist)?


  • What kind of support do they have from their team? 


Do you specialize in this community? 


When it comes to selling your home, it’s important to have an agent that knows the area. A real estate agent who specializes in your community will be able to give you insider information about things like:


  • Property values and trends


  • School districts and neighborhoods


  • Local regulations and requirements


How did you arrive at this listing price? 


 Your agent should be able to tell you how their estimate of the value of your home was calculated. They may have come up with an asking price based on comparable sales in the area, or they might have looked at similar houses currently on the market. The answer will also depend on what type of property you’re selling–houses and condos tend to sell for different amounts depending on their condition, location and other factors like whether there are multiple offers being made for them (which can drive up prices).


What is your sales plan? 


Now that you’ve found a real estate agent, it’s time to get down to business and figure out their marketing plan. Your agent should be able to give you an idea of how long it will take for your house to sell based on the success of their previous home marketing strategies!


You’ll also want to ask them about how much time they recommend spending preparing the property for sale, as well as what steps need taken right away in order for prospective buyers’ families (and pets) not only see themselves living there but also feel comfortable enough with the space that they’re willing invest their time looking at other properties while they wait on yours!


What should I do to get my house ready? 


Prior to committing to an agent, ask their advice on how they recommend getting your home ready to sell. They may offer expert advice such as: 

  • Make sure the bathrooms are well lit & spotless 
  • Have a fresh scent throughout all of the home and get rid of any pet fragrances 
  • Take down the super personalized touches so the buyer can imagine their personalized touches in the space




We hope this article has helped you understand what to look for in a real estate agent and how to get the most out of your sale. If you’re looking to sell contact us and we will make sure to connect you with an agent who is the PERFECT fit for you!