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Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

To many of us the idea of ‘Spring Cleaning” seems overwhelming and daunting.  You may look around your house wondering where in the world to begin or you may try to tackle the entire thing in one exhausting frenzy. 

We can definitely relate, which is why we have found some great tactics, tips, and trends to help your spring cleaning journey go smoothly and stress free!

Prepare, prepare, prepare!  Don’t try to just fly into a cleaning fit and tackle the first things that you see.  Instead sit down and write a list of all of the rooms you would like to address and tasks you would like to accomplish.  Group like projects together (such as cleaning all of the bathrooms or washing all bed linens) and make to-do lists for each day.  This will give you a sense of control and continued motivation as you work through your home.

Work from the top down.  Begin cleaning up high such as cobwebs in the corner and dusting the ceiling fans, continue downwards by wiping down walls/cabinets, and finish with flooring.  This will eliminate having to clean up multiple times.

Save your kitchen for last.  If you are anything like me and my family our lives center around the kitchen.  It also happens to be where all of the “dirty” things end up.  The kitchen can be the most intimidating room to address so saving that for last will help you from getting side tracked with the limitless cleaning of the kitchen.


Decluttering is key.  No matter if your house is squeaky clean from floor to ceiling it won’t appear that way if there is clutter everywhere.  The best way to begin is setting out 4 boxes (or bags) labeled  *Garbage/Recycle *Donate/Sell *Keep *Put Away.  This is an exercise to get the whole family involved in!  Our friends over at Realtor.com have a great article about the best ways to declutter that you should definitely check out! 

Know when to ask for help.  We know that tackling a whole house by yourself is exhausting, especially if there are other, mess making, individuals that live in said house.  Assign age appropriate tasks to all family members.  Absolutely despise doing windows?  Don’t feel guilty hiring someone to do a couple tasks that help to ease your burden.

(Stay tuned for part 2 of spring cleaning where we discuss cleaning tips for some of those tough to clean spots)