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New (And Some Old) Decorating Trends to Try This Year

As the saying goes, ‘Everything old is new again’ and home decorating trends are no exception.  Check out some of our favorite new (ie old) decorating practices that are making a come-back and we love it!

  • Houseplants and more houseplants!  Maybe it was Covid and forcing us into our homes that inspired the re-igniting of bringing the outside in but whatever it was we are delighted at the touches of green from top to bottom!


  • Curves are in again!  Think 60’s-esque curved couches, fixtures, counters, and more.  It is time to re-invest in those round mirrors and picture frames and add some of that whimsical curvature into your decor.
  • After throwing out  a full bedroom suit, this one pains me to admit but wicker and woven furniture is back and better than ever!  Unlike the last go around with wicker the trend is to keep the woven material in a natural wood color to give that boho chic vibe.


  • One of the easiest new decorating trends to jump on is wallpaper.  This time around though it is more of a focus on the texture and feel than just the appearance.  The goal is to give a room an intricate, warm, and interesting appearance.
  • Don’t forget about the ceilings!  Ornate ceilings in neutral colors are helping to add a vintage touch to rooms while still conveying a modern flare.


  • For those of you alive in the 70’s and 80’s there is no doubt you’ll remember wood paneled walls.  No surprise that these are making a comeback but with a twist.  Instead of paneling an entire room, designers are instead choosing to accent one wall with some tastefully sleek wood panels!

So what do you think?  Will you be throwing back to an earlier decade and trying any of these fun, retro looks?