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Professional Photography is a MUST

Why is Professional Photography a MUST?

Think about the photos you have seen online of homes for sale. Can you tell which ones used professional photography and which ones didn’t?

Ever seen a bathroom photo of a home for sale with the person taking the picture reflected in the mirror?

Ever seen the photo of a bedroom that just shows the corner of the room?

How about close ups of appliances, mechanicals, or light fixtures?

Most likely, it’s the agent or the seller using their cell phone to take the photos. It’s not pretty and may well lose a possible sale with buyers.

Understanding the Purpose of Photos

Photos are the first impression prospective buyers have of your home. They should draw in the buyers and make them want to see more. Remember the old saying? “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

However, not all pictures.

In today’s world, 90%+ of home buyers start their search online. There, they can find home facts, features and photos that allow them to narrow the list to the ones they really want to see in person.

Professionals know that buyers use the photos to “walk through” the home and get a sense of flow, style and amenities the home offers. Their knowledge allows them to use lighting, arrangement and angles that help the potential buyers feel like they are right there!

Even if the write up is glowing, bad photos will have the potential buyers clicking the back button and moving on to the next home for sale.

A seller’s goals is to sell their home in the least amount of time and for the most money the market will bear. Bad photos can derail both these goals in the short amount of time it takes to look at a few photos.

Bottom Line…

Ask Your Agent if they Pay for Professional Photography

One of the first questions that should be asked of a potential agent is if they use a professional photographer.

iPhones and other smart phones – even the ones with the best cameras – can’t make up for the knowledge and experience a pro photographer brings to the table.

You deserve more! Professional photos won’t have people reflected in mirrors, shots of just the corners of rooms, horribly dark or light photos or angles that make no sense, etc…

Think about it; we live in a very visual world today, and everything is easy to research online. Your agent should use all the tools available to give you the advantage!

As a seller, why wouldn’t you want to position yourself at the top of everyone’s list to go see?


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