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First Impression on Buyers Can Mean $

Do Home Buyers Want Your Home?

Even in a Seller’s Market, you still have about 8 seconds to make a good first impression on home buyers. This can be the difference between getting a top dollar offer and being passed by.

Yes, we are in a low inventory situation but that does not mean buyers are gullible. They still want the condition of the home to be good before they are willing to whip out the checkbook!

Some sellers miss the boat and leave money on the table by just assuming buyers will pay anything to get any home. No true. The smart seller’s know those first 8 seconds, before they even make it inside the house can make or break the offer price!

First Impressions

The average home buyer gets their first impression of your home as they pull into the driveway and get out to walk to the front door. Typically, within the first 8 to 12 seconds, they have formed their first impression.

Does your home live up to the condition expected for the listing price? Would they pay more? less?

This can mean the difference between multiple offers over asking price and sitting on the market with price reductions. Buyers always consider the current condition of a home when they decide what to offer.

In fact, in our current local market, if a home hasn’t sold within the first 7 days it is all because the price and/or the price and condition don’t match up.

Photos of Your Home are First

It is very likely that potential buyers have seen photos of your home online. Are they professional and do they draw buyers in? Professional photos are a must in today’s market with buyers starting their searches online. They can help your home stand out and make them want to see it in person.

This is the first step…

Good First Impression Curb Appeal

In it’s current state, does your home really make a good impression for home buyers?

Try this: drive around the block, clear your mind and then drive back to your home. Pull in the driveway and park. Put yourself in a buyers shoes…

What do you see? What do you notice first? second? even third?

Curb appeal can get the buyer excited to see the inside of your home! It sets the mood and mindset for the rest of the showing.

Consider these two scenarios:

#1 – A buyer pulls in your driveway and notices first the trash bins sitting in front of the garage door. Next he/she sees neglected flower beds and small limbs littering the yard. As he/she approaches the front door, they notice chipping, peeling paint on the porch railings.

#2 – A buyer pulls in your drive and is greeted by colorful flower beds with fresh mulch. The driveway and walk to the front door are edged and clean. The front door itself is a welcoming, vibrant color beckoning your inside.

The first scenario has set the stage for the buyer to be wondering about deferred maintenance on the home – inside and out. They wonder what else beyond eyesight is wrong. The home will take some time, work and money to bring it back to life.

In the second scenario, the buyer is smiling from the first few moments and can’t wait to get inside and see the rest of the home. Pride in ownership is obvious and they want this feeling when they come home!

Little things really do mean a lot and can mean a lot toward you getting top dollar for your home when selling.

You don’t need to dump thousands of dollars into it, just some elbow grease and a few bucks can make a huge difference in your curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Improvement Suggestions

1 – Clean out the flower beds, plant affordable flowers and cover with mulch. This is definitely welcoming to all visitors!


2 – Pick up any limbs, blow away leaves and debris to keep pathways clear. Even washing down the sidewalks can make a huge difference.

3 – At the front door, consider a new coat of paint. Most front doors could use new paint after a few years of sun, wind and rain. It really freshens it up for little cost.

4 – Stage the porch – if your porch is big enough, add chairs or an outdoor love seat along with a table. Help the buyer picture themselves there on a warm summer night with their favorite beverage. If it’s more of a stoop style porch, add a couple of urns or flower pots on either side. This is also very welcoming!

5 – Another great idea is to clean the windows – both outside and inside. This makes them reflect the sunshine on the outside and lets the natural light flood your home on the inside. Super simple!


Yes, even in a Seller’s Market there are expectations for condition matching to price. It only takes a few seconds for the tone to be set with a buyer.

Some simple spruce up on the curb appeal can ensure your home makes a good first impression for home buyers!