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Increase Your Resale Value Instantly With These Upgrades

All upgrades are not created equally especially when it comes to increasing the  resale value on your home.  In fact, some upgrades could end up costing you more than what you will ever recoup in resale value.  The projects below are the ones that we recommend focusing on if selling is in your future!

Paint, Paint, and More Paint

One of the most cost effective ways you can brighten up and create a more aesthetically pleasing overall look is by painting all of your walls a neutral color such as beige, white, or a soft gray.  Keeping all rooms a similar or complementary color will allow your home to appear more thought out and flowing.  Not only does a fresh coat of paint help your walls really pop but it helps cover up the wear and tear of everyday living.  According to ‘HomeGuide’ the average cost to hire someone to paint your home’s entire interior ranges from $1200-$3900 but worth every penny!  

Curb Appeal

We all know that first impressions matter and the same is true for your home.   Increasing your homes curb appeal should be one of your first priorities before you plan to list your home.  Curb appeal can be improved by doing something as simple as getting a new front door.  In fact, a new front door is always one of the top ranking home improvements on the Cost vs Value Report.  You will also want to ensure that your landscaping is maintained, your siding is powerwashed, and you have a fresh bed of mulch or rock.

Fix Your Fixture

Old, chipped, or rusted fixtures can instantly date and down-grade any room.  An inexpensive, yet effective, upgrade is replacing all of your old fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms.  These upgrades can include faucets, light switches, drawer pulls, door knobs, and more.  By choosing a specific style such as brushed nickel, you will create a more cohesive look throughout your home.  

Replacing the Garage Door

All of the experts will tell you, upgrading/replacing your garage door will give you a minimum of 100% return on investment.  Not only does a new garage door sound appealing to a potential buyer but the added curb appeal is what really seals the deal on this investment.