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Is Your Real Estate Agent AWOL?

Is Your Real Estate Agent AWOL?

We hear it all the time. Someone’s real estate agent is AWOL, MIA or ghosting them. It’s just sad… Real Estate is a relationship business. If you can’t find your agent when you need them, you have the wrong agent and/or team.

You have questions and need reliable guidance when you are making one of the biggest purchases or sales of your life. You should have a professional team on your side protecting your interests.

Exceptional - You're Worth It!

Not all questions or concerns crop up during the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM. We pride ourselves on being available or getting back with you in a timely manner. It’s a big part of making our client experience exceptional!

There are lots of turning gears in a real estate transaction. Some you see, some happen in the background. To keep things running smooth and to deal with an occasional hiccup, your agent should have your back. And our team has the agent’s back. You are covered all the way around!

And speaking of exceptional experiences, we are a team – every agent, every admin, every person on this team. Whether a runner, Client Care or Transaction Coordinator or real estate agent – you get the benefit of it all.

We’re different from offices who just house a lot of agents who work on their own. Our team actually supports each others business and clients. We share, support and truly care about each other and our clients. We build relationships for life.

This team is not a “one and done.”  We want to earn your business and your referrals of friends and family. We do that by taking care of business for and with you!

Don't Settle for an AWOL Real Estate Agent

Don’t settle for a real estate agent who is part time or impossible to get a hold of. You deserve more! We’ll be there for you from the beginning all the way through making you a Client for Life!