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Don’t Know What To Ask Your Real Estate Agent?

Here are 4 Questions to help your Real Estate Agent understand what you need.


We understand that moving is a stressful and difficult process. Oftentimes, with everything rushing through your mind, you may have questions but don’t know how to ask them. These are some questions to keep in mind when talking to your real estate agent!


     1) Have you helped others find a home in this area before?

This is a simple but important question. As we all know, different areas can be easier or harder to find what you are looking for. Having an agent who is familiar with the homes in your area will allow them to help you find exactly what you are looking for. If that is not in the area you are in they will be able to tell you what area is going to be more fitting for you.


     2) Have you worked within our price range before?

Like our last question, this is not too complex but it is also important to ask. Having a realtor who is comfortable and experienced in finding homes within your price range will allow them to tell you what is going to be realistic. It will also allow you to form an idea about what the most important pieces of finding your new home will look like.


     3) From your professional experience, do you see anything concerning about this house?

If you are ready to ask this question, that means that you have found a house that caught your eye, congratulations! Asking your realtor if they see anything about that house you should be concerned about is a good idea because they have been through this process before and have an eye for what to look for. This question will also make them know that you want them to keep an eye out to make sure that nothing is concerning.


     4) What offer would guarantee us this house and what offer would be a good place to start negotiating?

Asking both of these questions about price is important, because if you are eager to get the house and start moving on in the process you will probably be willing to offer a little bit extra to kickstart it. On the other hand, you can be patient and start negotiating and try to get into your house for a cheaper price. Asking this question will also allow your agent to help you know if negotiating is going to help because they have seen this process before.


We hope you found these questions helpful and keep them in mind when you are in the market to buy a new home. If you have more questions about how to start this process or do not know where to start, contact The Real Estate Pros at (317) 572-5589! We hope to hear from you soon!