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Buying & Selling a home has changed

Buying & Selling a Home has Changed

Buying & Selling a Home has Changed Since COVID-19

Since the onset of the pandemic, buying & selling a home has changed – maybe forever! The real estate market is one segment of the economy that COVID-19 has actually boosted.

People – forced to stay home more – have re-evaluated their current housing and decided to renovate or simply find a different home that caters to how their needs have changed in the last 9 to 12 months.

Consequently, the real estate market has been busier than ever but had to make some changes to the traditional way of doing business.

The Real Estate Market and COVID-19

Things Realtors never imagined as the norm are now the norm when they are working to buy or sell homes since the pandemic.

Realtors are providing things like face masks, sanitizing stations, shoe covers and latex gloves on a steady basis for potential home buyers when looking at homes. These help protect both buyers and sellers in the midst of the outbreak.

Additionally, finding new and inventive ways to show homes to clients and marketing them to the public from the comfort and safety of their own living room is now essential.

Think about it – our lives have been turned upside down since last March. We have to shift and pivot to stay current with the needs and safety of our clients – buyers or sellers alike – or lose out completely.

Things like handshakes and hugs, large groups of people viewing a home or gathering at the closing – these things are frowned upon and sometimes even prohibited in today’s world.

The real estate industry has evolved to make things safer and easier for our clients. And, the public likes some of these changes so much, they may be here to stay!

Virtual and Video Showings

Good, professional photography has always been high on our list for our clients looking to sell their home. However, since the pandemic, video is all the rage!

Video allows you to see the home in much the same way you would if you were seeing it in person. Starting at the front door, you can get a better feel for the flow of the home and exactly where rooms are located.

We are doing videos with all our listings now so we are sure ANYONE who has an interest in your home will be able to see it!

Social Media is an important part of marketing a listing but even more so now. With people staying home more, social media is high on their list. Facebook lives and Instagram’s IGTV allow us to walk the client through your home, answer questions about it live and they can even come back and view it again later.

These are valuable resources with the state of our world today. It cuts down on the number of in-person showings and those who do request an in-person showing are very serious buyers!

Little or No Contact Closings

Experts are predicting some of the changes may become permanent – and that’s not a bad thing.

Things like “curb-side closings” where buyers and sellers can sit in their vehicles while signing documents is one item high on a lot of people’s lists. It’s convenient and definitely safer not to have to enter a building where a lot of people work and where there are customers in a steady stream in and out all day long.

When the law and/or lenders allow, email closings can be done from your home, as well. Talk about convenient!

Saving time and staying safe are two high priorities for the general public.


Yes, we have bobbed and weaved all in the name of keeping our clients safe but still getting the job done. Using all the tools available to us is part of the reason our average days on market are 18.2 – well below the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors average off 30+ days.

We think outside the box. Ready to hear more? Give us a call/text/email now! 317-572-5589 or Info@TheRealEstatePros.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 😀

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