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Should You Rent Or Buy?

Knowing whether you are in a better position to buy or rent is going to help you and your finances. If you know that you are going to be in your home for 5 years or more than it is financially better to buy. 


If you’re not yet settled into your dream job and are hoping to be promoted but that could cause you to move or you want to be closer to family, friends, or work opportunities it is a better idea to rent. Signing a lease is a big deal and before you do that you should have a game plan on what you want in life and have a realistic plan.


After knowing what your plan is, try sitting down and talking to a real estate agent and see what their opinion on the matter is. Your situation might be different for numerous reasons. If you’re in an area that you can potentially profit off of selling your house in 2-3 years when you plan to move then buying might be a better option than renting compared to a different area where you could lose money.


It is important to take into consideration everything that could happen in your life and not rush your decisions. We understand that life is unpredictable and you cannot predict where you will be in 5 years but it’s important to try and outline so that you are maximizing your money when it comes to real estate.


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